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Reviving the ailing tea gardens

The tea gardens of Darjeeling have produced the finest teas since the 1850s. Many of these beautiful tea estates fell sick and some were abandoned. We stepped in to care for 10 ailing gardens and began by taking over Ambootia Tea Estate.

In harmony with ecology

We encourage and sustain an environment-friendly culture on our farms. Bio-dynamic and organic farming has prevented soil erosion and improved soil fertility which has resulted in a healthy produce. The use of natural fertilisers has rid the soil of chemical residues, gifting the workers with safe drinking water and clean air. Renewable sources of energy such as hydro electricity reduce carbon footprints.

Speciality teas

The various processes of manufacturing are carefully altered to suit the requirement of the harvested leaf. We have sensitised our manufacturing technique to the ever-changing weather conditions in Darjeeling to make the finest teas. Ambootia has employed its creative skills to make a wide range of speciality teas to satisfy discerning consumers.

Practices for people’s well-being

We care for our people as much as for that fine cup of tea. The workers are provided housing, cooking fuel, footwear, protective clothing, winter blankets and basic medical treatment free of cost. Rations are subsidised and free milk is distributed through the Infant Nutrition Programme. Every child is entitled to free primary education and scholarships are provided for further training. Social security includes provident fund and pension fund, gratuity and support for dependents.

Our ever growing family

Born into the tea culture, we have blended traditional values with modern technology and practices. Today, we are known internationally for our quality and our gardens in Darjeeling are Ambootia, Chongtong, Happy Valley, Monteviot, Moondakotee, Mullootar, Nagri, Nurbong, Sepoydhoorah (Chamling) and Sivitar.